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深圳市斯特国际货运代理有限公司是经中华人民共和国商务部批准设立的一级国际货运代理企业(注册号: 440301104894366)。专业从事国际海空运货运代理业务的企业。公司自成立以来,秉承“用心做事,服务第一”的服务宗旨,谨奉“信誉至上,共同发展”的经营理念,以热忱的服务态度、完善的服务功能、全新的整体规划、高效的服务体系以及良好的行业信誉赢得了市场的赞誉和社会各界的关爱。

Shenzhen East International Logistics Co. Ltd. is the first level international freight agency which was approved by the Ministry of Commerce (the Registration number: 440301104894366) East is engaged on international sea and air freight forwarding business. The company since its inception, adhering to the principle of service “Working by heart, service first”, and serving “Prestige is the highest and development together” business philosophy. We win highly praise from the industry and care of the social with our zealous service attitude, improved service function, a new integrated planning, efficient service system and good industry credit.



ShenZhen East International Logistics Co.,Ltd.

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Rm 1806-1808 ,Building A, Wenjindu port building, No.1006, Dongmen South Road, Luohu,Shenzhen, China.


TEL:0086-755-8229 1661  FAX:0086-755-8229 0661 Mobile:0086-13723456933 May/周梅 E-MAIL:may@sz-east.com
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